Flawless in 60 seconds

An innovative system in pipeline construction

Member 2019: Organization  of Canadian Nuclear Industry (OCNI)

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Solid State Fusion using FuseRing as an intermediary enables your construction project to reduce cost and time by reducing handling points, truly mechanized fusion with zero defects.

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An Innovation System

An innovative technique that joins similar and dissimilar material w/ no heat affected zone, no fusion line. NOT friction.

Fine grained base to base for tubular to linear geometry. No stress riser. No root weld.

Ideal for nuclear, shipbuilding, submarine, wind towers, deep sea riser, medical / aerospace and Rail.

Reduced cost, less time in quantum leaps beyond current pipeline construction.

1 shot, 1 minute, flawless Solid State Induction.

Continuous Pipeline Laying Ability

Flawless in 60 seconds

FuseRing solid state enables all tubular welds in nuclear power plants, refineries, ships and submarines to be joined using one system of weld. Flawless and repeatable especially for tight confined space.

We can join Rail with no heat affected zone. Heat penetration in millimeters.

We can weld shut spent nuclear fuel container lid, next to fuel pellets safely.

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