About FuseRing

Paul Cheng has worked on drilling platforms around the world on & offshore. He's retired from Saudi Aramco. The first patent was granted to Paul Cheng in May 2017, and the second patent in May 2019. Further patent applications are published, and numerous patents are pending. The FuseRing technique is based on a welding concept perfected two decades ago but was never commercialized successfully. There was a technical limitation that FuseRing resolved. FuseRing has extended this concept beyond the original application from tubular to curved to flat geometry. The quality of this weld is superior to anything on the market! We will not be disclosing much technical data on the web. We invite you to inquire directly. Applications range from Automotive, Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Submarine, Medical grade instruments, and AeroSpace to Rail to welding in Space. The technique is vacuum / gravity neutral and is truly automated. We join metal with technicians, not welders. Astronauts can weld without being welders. FuseRing solid-state is autogenous, automated, repeatable, and documents weld integrity in real-time at the job site and at HQ electronically. This technique does not produce one ounce of toxic fume.
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