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FuseRing is an innovative technique for Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Submarine, Wind Towers, Deep Sea Riser, Medical / Aerospace and Rail.

Solid State Fusion using FuseRing as an intermediary enables your construction project to reduce cost and time by reducing handling points, truly mechanized fusion with zero defects.

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Paul Cheng

Paul Cheng has worked on drilling platforms around the world on & offshore. He’s retired from Saudi Aramco.

The first patent was granted to Paul Cheng in May 2017, and the second patent in May 2019. Further patent applications are published, and numerous patents are pending.

The FuseRing technique is based on a welding concept perfected two decades ago but was never commercialized successfully. There was a technical limitation that FuseRing resolved.

FuseRing has extended this concept beyond the original application from tubular to curved to flat geometry.

The quality of this weld is superior to anything on the market! We will not be disclosing much technical data on the web. We invite you to inquire directly.

Applications range from Automotive, Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Submarine, Medical grade instruments, and AeroSpace to Rail to welding in Space.

The technique is vacuum / gravity neutral and is truly automated. We join metal with technicians, not welders. Astronauts can weld without being welders.

FuseRing solid-state is autogenous, automated, repeatable, and documents weld integrity in real-time at the job site and at HQ electronically. This technique does not produce one ounce of toxic fume.

Board of Advisors

FuseRing is a start up, a concept. These folks, our Board of Advisors, provided unconditional help when help was needed the most. Their guidance provided structure, the foundation of FuseRing Inc.

Adrian Gerlich Board of Advisors

Adrian Gerlich

Professor, University of Waterloo

Prof. Gerlich is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, and Director of the Centre for Advanced Materials Joining. Gerlich is an expert in materials science, microscopy, welding and material characterization. His most significant recent contributions are in the area of the joining of dissimilar materials and friction-stir welding. He has over 170 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and been recognized by the American Welding Society on multiple instances, including the Professor Koichi Masubuchi Award and Adams Memorial Membership Award.

Walter J. Sperko Board of Advisors

Walter J. Sperko, P.E.

President of Sperko Engineering Services, Inc

Walter J. Sperko, P.E., is President of Sperko Engineering Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in metal fabrication technology. He has been on Standards Committee IX since 1979; he is also a member of Standards Committee III, the B31 Standards Committee, AWS Technical Activities Committee, and AWS International Standards Activities Committee which represents the US at meetings of ISO/TC44. He has published updates on Section IX changes in the Welding Journal since 1998 and has been teaching engineers how to use Section IX since 1983. He is an AWS Counselor, ASME Fellow and a professional engineer registered in several states.

Saman Sahraei Board of Advisors

Saman Sahrael

Mechanical Engineer, CEO

launched Sorsys Technologies with a focus on bringing innovation into the field of industrial automation. Saman is a certified professional engineer by Professional Engineers Ontario, PEO. Saman holds a master of applied science in mechanical engineering from University of Waterloo, Ontario.  Before starting Sorsys, Saman worked over 8 years as a mechanical design and a manufacturing engineer. After a successful career designing and manufacturing various machines to automate industrial processes, Saman now manages an engineering and manufacturing company helping other manufacturers to benefit from innovative automation in their processes.

Paul Zegwaard FuseRing Board of Director

Paul Zegwaard

Company Owner at Zegwaard Consulting GmbH

Paul Zegwaard’s career comprises of more than 35 years of experience in the infrastructure development sector in the GCC Countries, and 20 of those years in business consulting services. He has a strong international business development background, deep knowledge of the methodologies and the requirements of developing projects in a large variety of sectors. High strategic appreciation, vision and strategic‐thinking with a large network of private and public sector companies, government officials and decision makers in Europe and in several MENA region countries, covering a wide range of sectors. Paul has a vast experience in Consulting services based on forming strategic partnerships between leading International companies and large reputable local Middle Eastern companies to work in the emerging Middle East market. Being the business advisor for many International companies, Pau; undertakes the full responsibility for promoting their business and creating new business opportunities for them in the Middle Eastern markets. This is achieved by assessing the needs, generating options after identifying the opportunities, then planning and implementing the solutions in collaboration with clients and stakeholders.

Dan Cohen Board of Advisors

Dan Cohen

Founder at FLITE Material Sciences

Dan Cohen is a senior executive with experience in both early stage ventures and large enterprises. He has established the vision and strategic direction for companies, as advisor, senior executive or founder. Dan has led companies and projects in diagnostics, medical devices, medical education content, electronic medical records, clinic management systems, small molecule therapies and biomarkers, and biologics. He was responsible for teams in software development, e-learning, infrastructure, and enterprise architecture and has been working as a consultant, and later in venture capital. Dan led projects and teams for innovative products for almost every industry in science and technology. He is a frequent mentor and judge for business and technology projects, both in the startup ecosystem and for University faculties. Dan’s current projects include cleantech startups in surface engineering, novel composite materials, and technology transfer venture capital.

Dean Kothmann FuseRing Board of Directors

Dean L. Kothmann, P.E

Retired Professional Engineer

Dean Kothmann is a retired Professional Engineer with significant commercial nuclear experience, including the founding of two professional nuclear engineering practices and has expertise is in General management of engineering activities, development of nuclear commercial markets, and development of sales organizations. His work experience includes engineering, general management, marketing, sales, finance, corporate officer, and information systems and has been involved in the start-up of over 30 businesses, engineering practices, and/or sub-businesses of corporations. For the past 11 years, he has been involved with most of the Small Modular Reactor and Advanced Reactor vendors providing advice, support, and guidance as well as a past member of the Nuclear Infrastructure Council Advanced Reactor Advisory Board.

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